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Greensound Technology's Glass Speakers

Greensound Technology's glass speakers

By Darren Quick, from

The glass speakers from Greensound Technology are striking. Looking like little more than a shaped pane of glass sitting atop a base, the speakers use the glass to project the sound and deliver "true 360 degree sound."

Tech Beds You'll Want To Spend All Day In

A high tech bed you'll want to stay all day in.

By Lisa Montgomery, from

You'll never want to get out of bed when there are movies and music at your fingertips. Boasting features like built-in speakers, TVs that pop up from the footboard, and docking stations for iPads, this assortment of high-tech beds offers the ultimate in at-home entertainment.

The Digital Family Learns How to Automate Their Home


In a five-part Digital Family series, POPULAR MECHANICS asked Jamieson and Peggy Jones and their two children Nina and Ben to turn their home into a real-world, living laboratory, which we would outfit with some of the most innovative high-tech gear. Over the course of 11 months, we have technologically overhauled the Jones's Connecticut home in three stages.

What's The Best Home Theater System for the Super Bowl?

Symmetry can design and install a home theater system perfect for enjoying big sports events.

By Grant Clauser from

We asked dealers in the Green Bay and Pittsburgh areas, and they all told us they're busy as hell, hanging TVs, tweaking sound systems, calibrating projectors, all in time for the Superbowl.