Residential Services

Symmetry has been in business for over 20 years. We have grown each and every year strictly on our reputation and referrals from satisfied customers who are located not just in the Capital Region of New York State, but all over the United States, from Arizona to Florida.

Symmetry excels at offering affordable, high tech solutions for home entertainment, security, convenience, and productivity. Our experience can help you maximize the potential of your budget and enable you to achieve more than you thought possible.

We can custom design a system to match your needs and budget, help you choose the right hardware, and perform all installation and integration. Our commitment to your satisfaction doesn't end there, however, we back our work with continued support and we don't consider our job complete until you are comfortable operating your new system. We're always available to help you resolve any technical issue you may encounter.

So why not give us a call and set up a consultation? We can visit when ever it's convenient to assess your needs, discuss ideas, and help you fulfill your home technology desires -
518 475-0946.

Home Entertainment

Some of our favorite projects over the years have been the Home Entertainment systems we've designed and installed. It's given us a great opportunity to use our creativity and provide customers with not just a fantastic audio/visual experience, but to create showcase rooms that are a source of pride and satisfaction for their owners.

Symmetry can design and install a custom home theater for you.

Custom Home Theaters

Over the years, we've seen more and more customers move beyond merely purchasing a stack of components from a local retailer, taking them home and hooking them up, to creating dedicated spaces in their homes devoted to sharing an audio/visual experiences with family and friends. Quite often these rooms become a showcase in the home and a source of pride for the home owner. We have had the great fortune to be able to produce many such rooms over the past years, providing our customers not only with the best possible entertainment experience for their budget, but also with rooms of unsurpassed beauty and quality that enhance the home's value and comfort. Our custom home theaters are rooms you'll be proud of whether you're just kicking back to watch a movie with your family or entertaining friends for a Superbowl party.

Symmetry can help you install a satellite television systemSatellite Systems Integration

Satellite Systems are becoming a very hot choice for people seeking an alternative to cable tv. At one time satellite TV seemed expensive and unreliable, but now the technology has evolved to be simple to own and operate, and, in most cases, is less expensive than cable. Also, all satellite channels are broadcast in digital format, so you'll always get the highest quality picture and sound. Local channels too are now part of satellite programing, so contact us and we can help you decide whether a satellite system is right for you. If you decide to go with satellite, we can help you choose and install components that will maximize your satellite tv viewing experience.

Plasma/LCD/LEDSymmetry can help you choose and install the right flat panel television for you. HDTV

Flat screen plasma and lcd televisions represent the greatest technological revolution in tv viewing since color. In the relatively few years since they were introduced, the prices have dropped to the point that they are affordable for most shoppers. Plasma and LCD flat screens each have their strengths and weaknesses and, even though they both share a common native resolution, the picture quality can vary greatly between different makes and models, so it pays to do your homework before you make a purchase. You can spend hours searching for information online or you can give us a call. We are intimately familiar with both technologies and all the makes and models and can help you make the best decision for your individual situation.

Also, plasma and LCD TVs can be heavy and cumbersome to install, especially since wall mounting of flat screen televisions is so popular. We excell at installing plasma and LCD televisions and can help you choose, purchase and install the right flat screen for your home.

CentralSymmetry can wire your house so you can enjoy music or tv anywhere in your home. Home Audio/Video

Imagine being able to watch television or listen to music in every room in your house. And imagine controlling it all from one central location. We will assist you in picking components and installing them throughout your home so that you and your family and friends can enjoy your audio/video system anywhere in the house.

High Tech Home Office

Do you work from home? More and more people are escaping the daily commute, and saving energy by working from home. Or perhaps you don't work from home, but still have a home office in need of some organization and updated technology to boost productivity. We can help. We're experts at installing computer networks, phone lines, and intercom systems. Also consider adding some automation to your office to remotely control lighting, windows, and climate control - making it easier to maintain your environment and be more focused and productive.

Symmetry can hook up a high speed internet connection for your home.

High Speed Internet Connections

Today's home business lives on the internet. You need a high speed connection to keep up with the speed of business in the twentyfirst century. But making a wise choice between the many internet providers can be daunting. Dial-up or broadband? Cable or DSL? Let our experts answer your questions and help you choose a system that works for your home office situation. Once you've made a choice, we can install a system which gives your home office a high speed advantage and satisfies your family's need for internet access.

Symmetry can install a wired or wireless network in your home.Wired or WiFi Networks

Once you've been connected to the internet, you'll want to install a network to enable you and your family to access the internet. You may wish to have access from more than one room in the house or multiple access points in your home office. We can make either one of these choices available to you.

A wired network uses a cable to connect your computer to the internet, most often an ethernet cable. We can install ethernet cable jacks where ever you desire them in your office or throughout your home.

Wireless networks have become extremely popular since they enable you to use your wireless-enabled computer anywhere at any time without the restriction of a cable plugged into a wall. There are many varieties of networks that can be purchased and our expertise will be invaluable to you in making a decision that best fits your needs. Once we install your wireless network, we'll show you how to connect your computer(s) to it and how to use it. Additionally, we'll show you how to use it so that only you and the people you select may have access to it.

Symmetry can install an interated phone system for your home.

Integrated Phone Systems

Do you need to expand the capabilities of your home office or business' telephone service beyond merely carrying your voice over the phone lines? Perhaps you need an automated answering service or multiple lines for both your home and your business. You may need to send and recieve data or employ video conferencing or any of a hundred other business functions over your phone connection.

If this is the case you should give Symmetry a call. We can help you decide which Integrated Phone System best suits your needs and then install your new phone system and teach you how to use it. We can set you up with the best brands with the most modern and comprehensive features available today.

Home Security

Home Security systems are one of the hottest products in the home improvement field today. It's easy to see why - a comprehensive home security system can give you and your family peace of mind and provided instant contact with the authorities in the event of an emergency.

We've been installing home security systems for satisfied customers for over ten years and we can help you construct a custom system that will meet your needs today and in the future.

Symmetry can protect your home with wired or wifi security systems.

Wired/WiFi Security Systems

The two basic approaches to a home security system and one of the first decisions to be made by anyone seeking to install a home security system is whether to go wired or wifi. The difference is in the way that the various security devices in your system are connected. Wired is just that, connected via copper wires that are run through the house to the various security points or cameras etc.

Wireless systems use radio waves to connect the devices thereby eliminating the need to run wires throughout the home and are becoming increasingly popular. We can help you decide which system best suits your needs, and, once your decisions has been made, we can give you an expert installation of your chosen system. Contact us for more information.

We should also note that wireless home computer systems also have security issues that may be too technical to be easily addressed by the home owner. We can help you here as well. We can give your wireless home computer network protection from hackers and people looking for a free connection to the internet.

Symmetry can install an intelligent light system for safety and convenience.

Intelligent Lighting

One of the simplest and cost effective security measures any home owner can employ are outside lights which use motion detectors to turn them on. This way if someone is prowling about in your backyard, the lights will automatically come on which is often all that is required to prevent a break in attempt. These lights are also handy when you return home in the evening, since they automatically turn themselves on once you pull into your drive way. They come in many styles and colors and we can install them for you easily.

Symmetry can install a video surveillance and security system to protect your home.

Video Surveillance & Security

Once these closed circuit surveillance systems were only available to banks, airports or other large institutions, but now the technology has become inexpensive enough to be affordable to the average home owner. The purpose of these small, easily installed cameras is to deter or detect illegal activity at your home or to enable the home owner to keep a watchful eye on rooms which he or she is not presently in - such as a baby's bedroom.

You can rely on Symmetry to answer any and all questions you may have regarding the selection, purchase and installation of a video surveillance and security system and to give you a quality installation at a great price. Give us a call and we'll be happy to assist you in gaining the peace of mind that a video surveillance system can bring.

Home Innovation

Technology has impacted nearly every aspect of the modern home in ways that our parents never would have dreamed of. Let us at Symmetry help educate you about the many options available today to automate your home in truly remarkable ways. For example, home owners today can equip themselves with: remote control or programmable windows, lights, fireplaces, heating and cooling systems, central audio and video systems, home communication systems, fingerprint scanning and remote control door locks, sensors to operate everything from lights to climate control, trash cans with automatic lids, central and robotic floor vacs, and many more.

Symmetry can install digital light and temperature controls for comfort and convenience.

Digital temperature and light controls

With digital temperature and light controls you have unprecedented control over your home. You can use a keypad, remote control or your PC to precisely set the temperature in any room in your house as well as turn on and off lights and, if they are adjustable, you can also set their brightness levels.

Symmetry can install automated blinds in your home.

Automated blinds

Imagine being able to open or close the blinds or drapes in any room with just a touch of a button! That's what today's motorized, automated shading systems offer the home owner. Shade systems can help you cool your home by blocking the sun from exposed rooms, but they can also be installed to tint a room, much like tinted glass in an automobile, or they can completely eliminate sunlight in a room, turning broad daylight into darkest night - perfect for viewing a movie on your new home theater system. Some varieties are also programmable, allowing you to schedule their deployment. They can also be wired to respond to a sensor which will close them if the sun is intense or leave them open if the sun isn't intense like during a rainy day. We can can install motorized systems for your home in either a vertical or horizontal configuration. Contact us for a free consultation -
518 475-0946.

Symmetry can install touch screen control panels to allow you to control all your home technology.

Touch screen control panels

Touch screen remote control panels are the ultimate accessory for homes with advanced home theater and automation systems. These remarkable devices allow you to control an incredible variety of home functions. As one would expect, you can control your audio/visual equipment and home functions like lights, heat, and cooling. You can also create and edit playlists, check the status of your security system, connect to the internet via built in wifi, and more. The units typically use rechargable batteries for power and include a recharger.

Symmetry can install a central vacuum system for your home.

Central Vacuum

Few people might say that they enjoy cleaning their house, yet we still spend hours a week doing it because we know how important it is to have a clean household environment, particularly if a loved one suffers from allergies or asthma. If your home is equipped with a central vacuum system, it can be kept significantly cleaner that with a traditional, canister or upright vacuum cleaner. Central vacuum is also quieter and saves you the effort of lugging a heavy vacuum cleaner up stairs or room to room. With a central vacuum system, you only carry a light hose and a nozzle or a power attachment. Each room has a vacuum receptacle which the hose is plugged into. Dirt and dust are then transported via PVC pipe to a remote unit, usually place in the basement or the garage, where the dirt and dust are filtered. Because the vacuum unit is in a remote, single location, it is more powerful than a mobile unit and also much quieter. It blows significantly less dust back into the air than a mobile unit, making it much better for people who suffer from respiratory ailments. Also, since the remote unit is larger, it can hold more dirt and debris. A central vacuum cleaner typically only needs dumping a few times a year. Let Symmetry show you how you can easily add this healthful, efficient system to your home - just give us a call! 518 475-0946.

Complete wiring & Installation

We offer complete wiring and installation of any product or service we sell. Our experts are unsurpassed at installing wiring in pre-existing walls and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We also will educate you in how to use your new product(s) effectively and will be available to assist you with advice and technical knowledge until you are at ease using your new equpment. It is our committment to your satisfaction that sets Symmetry apart from our competition.

Contact us when you are ready to consider improving your home and we will be there to answer questions, generate ideas and give you a price quotation. You can depend on Symmetry, the Technology Company for all your home technology needs.
518 475-0946.